Outhouse Installation


Lighting and power

It is becoming more and more popular to turn that wasted space at the back of the garden, or perhaps an old shed full of junk, into an extra liveable room.

The first steps to making this happen is adding the essentials. Adding sockets and lighting bring the room to life, as well as electric heaters to keep it cosy in the colder months. K-Electric can provide all of these necessities. Including running a new supply from your main intake so anything electrical in the outhouse does not interfere with the rest of the house.



Cabling options

Depending on the infrastructure of your outhouse, it’s not always possible to hide the cabling into the walls. K-Electric provide various options and solutions to installing the cabling as neat and discreet as possible.


The chances are, you will lose your WIFI signal at the end of the garden. So if you’re using your space as a study or a computer games room, it’s definitely a good idea to hard wire 1 or 2 lines from your main switch or modem directly to your outhouse.

Either a network socket or WIFI access point will bring you the same speeds as if you where in the main house. (See Networking for more information)