Hard-wired network sockets

Nothing beats a hardwired ethernet connection. Wired directly into your main switch or modem, using super fast CAT5e (speeds up to 1Gbps) or CAT6 (10Gbps) cables.

These are perfect for fixed locations, such as a study or TV area, as then your computer or Smart TV can be plugged directly into the network with no WIFI drop out issues.


If you’re having problems getting your WIFI signal and speed around the house, then K-Electric have the solution.

Using hard-wired access points (Ubiquiti Unifi) receiving a great WIFI signal is possible wherever you want it. Whether it’s in the garden or outhouse, or on the top floor of a 3 storey house. Now these units aren’t cheap but they are the best on the market at what they do, for more information on the units see their website;

All that’s required is a CAT 5E/6 cable wired from a Unifi switch (wired to your modem) to the access point.