Outside Lighting and Power


Large Projects

Garden lighting and power installations consist of working along side the landscapers to ensure the project runs smoothly. Having worked with prestigious landscaping company’s all over London and creating award winning gardens, I have vast experience in this field.

All projects are designed to the specifications of the designer or client and includes such lighting as;

  • Spiked up-lights in beds or by trees

  • Wall lights for a BBQ or Seating areas

  • LED Strip light for a flower bed or under a bench

  • Spiked Flood lights for large trees

  • Decking and Path lights

Additional electrical features you might also have in your garden may include;

  • Outside Sockets

  • Heaters

  • Pond pumps (See below)

Black Spike Tree.jpg

LED Flood Light w PIR.JPG

Security Lights

A cost effective security solution is a Security Light. Combined with a PIR motion sensor, this will detect any movement and light up the desired area.

Depending on cabling, these can also be used as a regular switched outside light.

Wireless switching solutions

If your garden requires various switching zones, for instance, you may just want the tree lights on for effect instead of lighting up the entire garden. Then this option may for you.

All zones are wired to a central unit in the garden, then switching is controlled via wireless remotes, either with a fob or a wall mounted switch.



Ponds and water features

Water flow is important for every healthy pond. We provide the correct and safe installations of pumps, this also includes advice on submersible lighting if required.