CCTV and Security



CCTV systems are now more reasonable and easier to install than ever. With the inclusion of using a smart device as a monitor and to receive notifications, you can feel at ease wherever you go knowing you can check up on your house whenever needed.

K-Electric recommended systems such as ‘Ring’ or ‘Nest’ for domestic purposes. It only requires a mains electric supply to the unit which means install is quicker and cheaper than a DVR system, in which all cameras are to be wired back to one central unit.

Once powered up, it’s just a case of linking the unit to your WIFI network and downloading the app to setup.

Home Security Systems

Still the most effective security solution. Home alarm systems are a big deterrent for any potential intruder. These systems can include door and window sensors, motion detection, panic buttons, motion cameras and many more.

These systems can be hardwired or wireless, both doing the same thing. However a wired system is very low maintenance as each sensor does not require it’s own battery like a wireless system. However the advantages of a wireless system is that, of course, it requires no wires. So the installation is far cheaper and quicker, and you don’t have any ugly cables around the house.




So again ‘Ring’ and ‘Nest’ have now introduced the Smart Doorbell.

This system will send you a notification on your smart device when someone is at the door, whether you are at home or not. You can see them and even communicate with them through your smart device. This is ideal for the delivery man that always turns up when you’ve gone out.

If you already have a hard wired door bell, then setup is very straight forward. Or even if not then K-Electric can install the wiring necessary to install these units.